Vikas Gupta reveals his mother, brother left his home after he disclosed about his bisexuality

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Vikas Gupta reveals his mother, brother left his home after disclosed about his bisexuality

TV producer and Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta turned out to be an inspiration for many after he opened up about his sexuality on social media and revealed that he is bisexual. While many lauded his bold move on social media and encouraged him to love his individuality, looks like his family wasn’t pleased. According to the latest reports, Vikas’s mother and his brother left his home after the TV star disclosed his bisexuality to the world. A report in TOI claimed that Vikas’ brother Siddharth hosted a grand birthday party on November 3 but he was not present among the guests. Then the producer revealed that he wasn’t invited as his family feels embarrassed to be around him.

Vikas Gupta shared, “My brother Sid and my mother left my home some time ago, things had gone very bad after I disclosed my bisexuality to the world. My family finds it embarrassing to have me around them. They don’t want to be seen with me.”

On the other hand, Vikas’s brother Siddharth was irked by the reports and had questioned why his personal life or his guest list has become the news. He said, “How does what I do on my birthday make the news? This is my personal life and why am I being questioned about this.” Along with his friends from the industry, Siddharth and Vikas’ mother was also present at the party.

When Vikas was questioned about his absence, he said, “Our society can be difficult, so not inviting me to the birthday is fine. I don’t wish to spoil their celebrations.”

Sharing about his bisexuality with the world, Vikas had earlier tweeted, “Hi Just wanted to let you know a tiny detail about me. I fall in love with the human regardless of their gender. There r more like me. With #Pride I am Bisexual #VikasGupta PS No more being blackmailed or bullied #priyanksharma #ParthSamthaan ThankU for forcing me to come out.”

On Instagram, Vikas shared a long note along with a video. “My coming Out – #vikasgupta Here I am , how I am – Standing tall and I will not be shamed bullied or blackmailed for what God has made me . It has been years of torture and humiliation and hiding my emotions but that has not stopped me from being a good human being who is constantly evolving. I have made mistakes and I will continue to do so but I am learning and not repeating,” he wrote.

“My family has left me for what ever reason they want to give but I will not Bring shame to Them by putting details of it both #parthsamthaan and #priyanksharma have done terrible things but I will not shame them either of what all has happened cause mud slinging is what one of them loves. I spoke today because they pushed me to this extend .I will put one last post after both have spoken. To give what is needed for people to know the truth. After which they can do and keep doing what they want to,” he added. “As for my mom , I love you even if you don’t love me anymore. My siblings who I have brought so much shame to, seeing you makes me swell with pride and my friends who don’t find me kool anymore thankyou for being good to me when ever you were.”

While fans have seen that Vikas was very close to his mother while he was locked inside the Bigg Boss 11 house, it is said that he was never very close to his brother Siddhart. Now, with Vikas’ revelations the distance between them has increased.


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