Study shows lockdown led to less exercise, weight gain: Here are four cardio workouts to do at home

Study shows lockdown led to less exercise, weight gain: Here are four cardio workouts to do at home

One can opt for online Zumba classes with friends or get one-on-one training through video conferencing by trained professionals, or simply do 30 minutes of rope jumping

COVID-19 has negatively affected the overall health of almost every individual. In a recent study published in the journal Obesity on 11 October 2020, it was found that due to abrupt changes in daily routines due to CPVID-19-induced lockdown, the pandemic has affected the sleep cycle and overall mental and physical health globally.

The lifestyle study

In this study, scientists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre conducted an online survey of 7,753 participants from Australia, Canada, the UK, and 50 other countries. This survey aimed to determine the lifestyle behaviour changes in these people before and during the lockdown.

The results of the study showed that out of all the participants 32.3 percent people had normal weight, 32.1 percent were overweight and 34.0 percent were obese.

It was also seen that during the lockdown, the scores for healthy eating increased as people would cook at home more often. However, it was also noted that 25.8 percent of people reported indulging in healthy snacking, whereas 43.5 percent reported an increase in unhealthy snacking.

It was further noted that sedentary behaviours were increased during the lockdown and physical activity gradually declined. This resulted in a 33.4 percent increase in weight in obese people and 27.5 percent in the rest of the participants.

It was also found that people who were obese before the pandemic showed higher anxiety scores. These people also took a longer time to fall asleep after the imposition of the lockdown.

The scientists concluded that people with obesity must be provided with screenings in order to manage their anxiety. More initiatives must be taken in order to curb obesity during the lockdown.

Cardio exercises that can be practised at home

Weight gain has been a concern for many during this lockdown. Since going to the gym might not seem a good idea even now, here are some cardio exercises one can practise at home.

  1. Dancing: A study published in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure showed that cardiac patients who danced, for just 20 minutes a day three times a week, had significant improvement in their heart health compared to those who continued traditional cardio workouts. You can opt for online Zumba classes with your friends or get one-on-one training through video conferencing by trained professionals.
  2. Jump rope: Most of us might remember jumping rope as children but what we probably didn’t know then was that it wasn’t just a fun game but also a great cardio exercise. As per the Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of rope jumping can burn 300 to 444 calories. You can start with basic jumps and slowly include variations to work your body even harder as you get comfortable with the activity.
  3. Jumping jacks: For performing a jumping jack, stand straight while keeping your arms at your sides. Now jump up and spread your feet beyond the width of your hip while simultaneously raising your arms above your head. Now jump and lower your arms while bringing your legs together. Repeat this 20 times.
  4. Squat jumps: For performing squat jumps, all you need to do is stand straight while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, like you would when sitting on a chair, while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Now instead of gently returning to a standing position, jump up. Try to get as high as possible and then land back in the squat position. Do not bend too deep, keep your back straight and repeat the exercise 10 times.

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