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 Microsofts in-hourse search engine Bing has been rebranded as Microsoft Bing

Microsoft’s in-house search engine Bing is now getting rebranded to Microsoft Bing as it is upgraded to match the rest of the company’s products. The company announced the change in name through a blog post. Stating that as Bing continues to evolve, developers are focused on expanding the ways in which one can use Bing, users will now, “see a shift in product to Microsoft Bing, which reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.”

The blog also said that Bing powers InPrivate search with Microsoft Edge, quick searches in the Windows taskbar, work search scenarios with Microsoft 365 and immersive gaming in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to expand the Give with Bing program, where once can pick up Microsoft Rewards points by playing Xbox games and searching with Bing. Users can later redeem those points for rewards, including donation to nonprofit organisations.

As part of the programme, Bing has partnered with two public figures “who are passionate about giving back.”

The first is singer, songwriter, actor and producer Janelle Monae, who according to the blog, “believes in providing resources to those in under-served communities to empower them to live their life with dignity, and ultimately, achieve their dreams.”

The second is Seattle Seahawks standout Jamal Adams. Adams is supporting the Why Not You Foundation that is started by his friend and teammate Russell Wilson. Adams believes that the foundation will create lasting changes in the world by motivating the youth to be better leaders for tomorrow.

Monae, on her part, with the help of the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI), created Wondalunch.

Bing has partnered with 1.4 million organisations across the globe and through 31 December 2020 will match the points users donate to organisation through Give with Bing to increase the impact of their work on urgent areas such as public health, social justice and education.

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