Google Meet Is Adding Noise Cancellation For Video Calls, But Not Everyone Will Get It Just Yet

Google Meet

Google is adding the noise cancellation feature to its video meeting app Google Meet. It is now available on Android and iOS at this time. But don’t rush to update the Google Meet app on your phone just yet, unless you are a G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customer. At this time, only these G Suite tiers will be able to take advantage of clearer audio with noise cancellation, though it is expected that it’ll be rolled out for all users in the coming weeks. However, Google has confirmed that the feature will be off by default, and you will have to turn this on by going into the Call Settings menu -> Audio and turn on Noise Cancellation.

Noise cancellation will be handy for video meetings and video calls, to effectively eliminate background noise around us. That could be the noise of traffic outside your window, neighbours talking loudly, a noisy air-conditioner or even a dog barking near your apartment. You could even continue working as a meeting drags on, and the clicking sound of the keyboard could effectively be drowned out as well. “Google Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise on Android and iOS. This means Meet will automatically remove distracting from your mobile device’s audio input while still letting your voice through,” says Google’s G Suite update feed.

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