BREAKING | Kannada film director Vijay Reddy dies at 84, celebrities pay condolences

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Kannada film director Vijay Reddy dies at 84

Film director Vijay Reddy, one of the most successful filmmakers in the Kannada film industry, passed away on Friday. He was 84. Vijay Reddy, originally from Andhra Pradesh, was known as ‘Vijay’ in the Kannada industry. Born in a farmer’s family, he went to Madras in search of work and grew up to be a successful director and producer. There is a huge list of hit movies under his name along with his directorial debut Rangamahal Rahasya in 1970. He has directed 37 Kannada films, including Mayura, Sanaadi Appanna, Bhakta Prahlada, Cow Boy Kula, Naa Ninna Mareyalare, Auto Raja, Deva and others. He has directed 16 Hindi and 12 Telugu films as well.

Actor Puneet Rajkumar paid his condolences to the film director and wrote, “Vijay Reddy, who directed the father’s unforgettable films, Gandhagadudi, Mayura, Naan Nee Naal and Halavara, has passed away. I am fortunate that I have acted in the Bhakta Prahlada film directed by him. May their soul be calm.”

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