Bigg Boss 14 November 13 Highlights: Rubina and Abhinav sent to jail, Eijaz confesses his love for Pavitra

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Bigg Boss 14 November 13 LIVE Updates: Love is in the air for Pavitra and Eijaz, BB jail is revealed

Contestants will wake up to find two jail-like structures erected in the living area in Bigg Boss 14 tonight. Housemates will be asked to select two names who should be sent to the jail, based on their performance and behaviour in the house. Meawhile, it seems like Eijaz Khan has finally fallen in love with Pavitra, and is ready to confess the same.It so happens that Eijaz is seen lost in Pavitra as she completes the kitchen work. Aly enters and asks Eijaz ‘Why are you staring at her like that. What has happened to you?’ To which Eijaz blushes and replies, ‘Lagg gaye apne.’ Next, we’re show some funl-loving moments between Pavitra and Eijaz as the latter showers her will love, kisses and hugs, leaving everyone surprised. 

Here are the Highlights for Bigg Boss 14 November 13 episode

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